Web development introduction. Coding with HTML and CSS

Web development introduction. Coding with HTML and CSS. Online Certification Program

All courses, seminars
and trainings are available in
English, Ukrainian
and Russian.

HTML and CSS are markup languages and the building blocks that make up the web. In this course you will learn how to convert digital design mockups into static web pages. We will teach you how to approach page layout, how to break down a design mockup into page elements, and how to implement that in HTML and CSS. 

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:
  identify and use common HTML tags; 
  add an image to a webpage; 
  create HTML-formatted tables; 
  use hyperlinks to connect a series of webpages;
  upload your finished HTML pages to a web host; 
learn some tips and tricks for styling pages and practicing your coding. 

Payment is accepted for whole course only.

Course outline

Online only
English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian classes available
Payment is accepted for whole course only.
Course fee is $649.00 CAD
Dates and Locations for courses and seminars

Payment is accepted for whole course only

Tuition $649 CAD (10 – 12 Students  in online class)

Tuition $849 CAD (Individual Training)

Certificate of Completion
8 Weeks – 12 Weeks. / 20 Course Hrs
Four type of training

Special discount price for corporate training and workshop participants.
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