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Why Online Training System?

IBM reportedly saved $200 million after it made a switch from traditional in-person training to an online training system.

More than 70% of companies believe that online learning is key to their long-term strategy.

By 2020, almost all employers plan to rely on online learning systems to meet the continuing educational needs of their employees.

These stats clearly point to the growing significance and value of online learning and development (L&D) among organizations of all kinds.

But what makes web-based training platforms so intriguing? What are its major features and what benefits do they bring? Who are the people using these platforms? What does the future hold for such online training tools?

Find answers to these important questions in this section of our Web site. Let’s begin with the basics – online training definition or what is e-training as it is sometimes called – for the convenience of those who are new to the technology.

As the term suggests, an online training system is a system of training that takes place in an online environment. Cloud-based learning management system (LMS) the most common Learning System now.

E-Learning management Department of New Image College can create online courses for your organization using  Cloud-based learning platforms and make them accessible on a range of devices such as desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

Anytime, anywhere is one of the hallmarks of an online training system. It curtails the undue reliance on traditional classroom-based training and live instructors.

Online instructors can create, store, assign training content in a variety of formats such as presentations, infographics, audiovisuals, and more at one centralized location.

Personalized learning paths, online classrooms, quizzes, tests, and reports & analytics are some of the features that your organization can use after New Image College`s specialists will install, sat up and manage online training systems for your organization.

Key Features of eLearning Systems

Not all online training systems are created equal. When it comes to choosing and investing in the right online training tools, one has a sea of options before them. Regardless of the tool you choose to implement online training programs, these seven key features are an absolute must-have. Without them, your training tool will not be equipped to meet your L&D needs.

#1. Stable and Safe way to Set Up and Run

Believe it or not, there are online training tools that take months to create professional courses. You can avoid falling into this pit by ensuring that the online training system you have chosen is not too complicated to set up, quick enough to fill up with courses and lessons and run for your organization.

Preferably, it should be cloud-based and let you streamline and standardize online training hassle-free all lessons, quizzes, and other modules and run.

You may ask why cloud-based? Well, with cloud software you don’t have to worry about setting up new servers, moving the application to the server and also configuring the application.

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