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  This Online Diploma Program is ideal for anyone who is interested in E-Comerse and wants to learn how to build easy-to-navigate E-Comerce Store.

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2 years Online Diploma Program*.

Diploma Program is available in the following languages:
You can choose the language of instruction during registration for the program

Type of online trainingFREE hours with live teacher
per week. Time is agreed with the teacher
Tuition Fee
per week
1. ONLINE intensive. 1 hours
(1 hour weekly)
+ 3-4 hours self study in virtual class.
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This Online Diploma Program is ideal for anyone who is interested in E-Commerce and wants to learn how to build easy-to-navigate E-Commerce Store.

 During this Online Diploma program, students will examine how the Internet is rapidly becoming one of the primary communication, marketing, and commercial medium for businesses in almost every industry.

 Topics include an overview of electronic commerce; e-marketplaces including auctions and portals; online marketing and consumer behaviour; business-to-business e-commerce; e-learning; social networks; search engine optimization; e-commerce security; payment solutions and order fulfillment; e-commerce security; e-commerce strategy and global issues; legal, ethical and tax issues; and launching an e-commerce business.

This 2 years ONLINE Diploma program – involves two years of part-time online study.

 This Online Diploma Program is fully online, you require Internet access and an email account.

 This Diploma Program is made up of 10 courses.

 Duration of each course is 20 hours or 8 weeks.

 Students will have 8 weeks to study each course from the program

  Duration of each course is 20 hours

 New Lessons are released on Fridays of each week, for a total of 8 lessons for each course.

Upon completion of all 10 courses requirements, your Diploma Certificate will be issued

Our small class sizes provide the opportunity for the type of one-on-one interaction you need to excel.

 Two options for payment. Students pay for each course on a per-quarter (4 Month) basis (with $200) saving or an on a Monthly basis as the courses are taken.

Tuition fee is $369 CAD per one Month of study.

The tuition fee for one quarter is $1,276 CAD. ( With $200 saving for per-quarter payment option).

 The student can choose the payment option when filling out the registration form


Each of the ten courses of this Diploma program consists of 4 projects and one final test.

After studying each course and successfully completing four projects, it is necessary to pass a theoretical multiple-choice test.

 According to the results of the multiple-choice test and practical projects (minimum 70%), student will be transferred to the next level and gain online access to the next course.

 New Image College offers a bi-weekly live online lesson with a teacher as well as the opportunity to ask a question in the chat and get an answer within a few minutes.

 The final course exam is an open-book, multiple-choice test and a E-Commerce project with payment futures.

 Students  have to take all 10 courses to get a Diploma Certificate

 You need to achieve a minimum of 65% on the final exam to pass the course.

 a Diploma Certificate of course completion will be mailed 4-6 weeks later.

 Two tuition fee options. Students pay for each course on a per-quarter (4 Month) basis (with $200 saving) or an on a Monthly basis as the courses are taken.

 Students pay for courses before the start of each quarter. If your fees are not paid two weeks prior to the course start, you will have a hold placed on your account and therefore will not be able to continue the course.

 Online Department  Students who want to speed up their studies and get a Diploma certificate earlier than 24 months can take part in special one-week seminars in the nearest cities in Canada and USA. Contact college for details.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Outline a basic model of the internet technology infrastructure
  • Assess e-commerce strategies and applications, including online marketing, e-learning, and global e-commerce
  • Compare B2B and B2C e-commerce strategies, including market segmentation
  • Categorize advantages and disadvantages of different online payment options
  • Discuss common legal, ethical and tax issues in e-commerce
  • Use the knowledge of online security issues to assess existing websites
  • Use the knowledge of the major e-commerce revenue models to evaluate existing websites

Course Modules overview

  • Module 1: Overview of Electronic Commerce (EC) and Technology Infrastructure
  • Module 2: Marketing and Advertising for EC
  • Module 3: The State of E-Commerce
  • Module 4: Finding Your Product Niche
  • Module 5: Evaluating Market Viability
  • Module 6: Conducting a Competitive Analysis
  • Module 7: Social Networks and Mobile Commerce
  • Module 8: Setting Up Your Store
  • Module 9: EC Order Fulfilment and Payment Systems
  • Module 10: Laws, Taxes, and Ethics++++++++++++++

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 This 2 years Online Diploma program not considered graduate-level studies and do not constitute comprehensive IT training leading to proficiency, which takes several years of full-time study to accomplish. They are regarded as continuing computer education; they serve to update your current software and general IT knowledge and successfully use this knowledge for your personal use or for your business.


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