Web Design and Development Certificate course. 12 – 15 years old

Web Design and Development Certificate course. 12 – 15 years old

Web design for kidsDuring this Web design for kids course students will learn not only how to design the entire page in Photoshop but how to use HTML and CSS, the code behind all websites, to create a finished professional design.

Students will learn:

  • Learn how to effectively plan a new web project, from business to the final website.
  • Create your first clean simple web page design using HTML.
  • Their first professional website will be created using the award-winning Adobe Dreamweaver
  • After just the beginner course you will be creating a HTML website to a professional standard. 


Web Design and Development Certificate course. 12 – 15 years old course curriculum


  • The Internet And The Web
  • The History Of The Internet
  • Understanding Web Design
  • Graphic Design in the Web Environment
  • Adobe Photoshop for Web Design
  • Colour on the Web
  • Type on the Web
  • Interaction Design
  • Interfaces On The Web
  • Elements In Interface Design
  • Determining The Canvas Size
  • Calculate The Canvas
  • Identifying Colour Schemes
  • Colour Conversion Studies
  • Colour Scheme Development
  • Applying Colour Schemes To A Design
  • Testing For Accessibility Compliance
  • Colour Studies
  • Typographic Studies
  • Font Case Studies
  • Making Sense Of Text With Visual Hierarchy
  • Developing Visual Hierarchy In Design
  • Typography for Mobile Devices


  • Images and Multimedia on the Web
  • Layout in Interface Design Studies
  • Definitions and Resolution
  • Understanding File Formats
  • Different Image Techniques
  • Grid Studies
  • Using a Grid For Page Design


  • Information and Navigation. Interaction Design Studies
  • Information architecture design
  • Interaction design elements
  • Information Architecture Design


  • Scoping a Website
  • Understanding Web development
  • Photoshop and Illustrator for Web
  • Creating a Web Design for Desktop and Mobile
  • Designing of Banner Ads
  • Specification Document & Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design Concept
  • GUI Templates
  • Style Guide
  • Final Design
  • Banner Ad Design as part of the major web design project
  • Project Analysis

Curriculum study time:

  • 24 weeks

Cost of the program Web design for kids:

  • $59.00 +HST per one week. Two 1 hours lessons per week. ( 1.5 hours Saturday Class $49.00 + HST)
  • A number of students: ( small group 7 – 10 students)

Night or Weekends Classes


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