Pedagogy in Art Education

Pedagogy in Art Education for Art Educators

Module 1
Understanding Curriculum for Art Educators

Drawing on foundational and innovative curriculum theories, this module  highlights definitions, models, commonplaces, and best practice experience of curriculum and curricular decision-making involving design, developments, and implementation.


Module 2
Understanding Teaching and Learning for Art Educators

Promotion of professional decision-making, reflection, and pedagogical actions of art educators across diverse learning contexts in contemporary times. Emphasizing theories of teaching, learning, and knowing, this module highlights conceptions of pedagogy, pedagogical strategies, and analysis of art curriculum.

Module 3
Understanding 21st Century Teaching and Learning of Visual Art subjects

Critical examination of the educative affordances, constraints, and re-shaping of educational environments created by the use of new technologies, online pedagogic, computational thinking, and multi-modal delivery. Topics include online communities, equity of access, course blending, adaptive learning technologies, flipped courses, big data, and other issues specific to 21st Century art education.

Module 4
Understanding Assessment and Evaluation in Art Educational Settings

Purposes, principles, and forms of assessment and evaluation in Art educational settings to enable art educators to make informed and ethical decisions. Topics include formal and informal forms of student assessment, documentation, reporting, and program evaluation. Emphasis on critical consideration of the approaches and their implications.

Module 4
Understanding Research Methods for Art Educational Practice

An introduction to Art curriculum research as an innovative process with emphasis on designs involving students, art – educators, community members, and/or art educators. Topics may include theoretical understanding and practical application of various research designs, relating to the topic of curriculum, including quantitative and qualitative methods to offer guidance in developing inquiry/questions of practice and reading/interpreting research.

Module 4
Understanding Art Curriculum Leadership for Art Educators

Focus on leading the development of art education curriculum, curriculum implementation in Art school environment, evaluation of positive curricular change. Emphasis on ways of conceptualizing curriculum leadership and advocacy and professional learning and reflective practice to promote equitable and enabling environments for all. The course will give students opportunities to explore curriculum leadership in their preparation for diploma project focus.

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