Kiddy Art School

Young children spend the first few years of their life exploring this world. They observe, learn, accumulate information. In a few years before school, they accumulate and process hundreds of times more information than in any other time of their life. They prepare their brains for more in-depth study and we know how to help them do their best.

We have a unique method of drawing with preschoolers, which allows them to maximize and accelerate their development and prepare them for successful school years ahead.

Our Kiddy Art School program is specifically designed to engage and delight toddlers 2-5yrs. Each week, a new exciting project is presented to give your toddler the opportunity to enjoy a huge range of materials and process. Explore colors, shapes, textures, and processes like painting, collage, construction, textiles and so much more. Make things for your walls, to hang in your room and crafts that your child can interact with at home in imaginary play long after the class is finished.

Kiddy Art School is a wonderful time to spend working together with your child, watching their creative flair evolve and their confidence grow. Seeing the pride that they take in their creations and their excitement to show their art off is priceless!

Bring your child to Kiddy Art School to do what they do best – touch, do, make, explore, discover and enjoy. Art Class will be the highlight of your child’s week!

After School Art Classes are perfect for kids who just love art! At The Teens  Computer School, we offer classes for kids Ages 5 yrs to teens. Recent research has shown that offering children a rich art program assists in their social and emotional development and has improved academic outcomes. 

“Transforming Education through the ArtsBy Brian Caldwell, Tanya Vaughan

Level 1. Crafty Kids

Crafty Kids is an art program designed to expose kids to a feast of crafty materials and processes. They will explore techniques such as mosaics, sculpture, collage, textiles, papier-mache and more. A nurturing and encouraging environment is provided so that kids feel confident in their skills and proud of their outcomes.

Level 2. Let’s draw a world

Let’s draw a world is perfect for kids wanting to focus on enhancing their painting and drawing skills. Working in various media such as charcoal, pencil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic paints, your child will be inspired to draw the world around them. Students will learn fundamental drawing skills as well as gain confidence in their own creative expression.

Level 3. Pottery classes

Pottery classes for kids is for kids who love getting their hands dirty – making, sculpting and creating! Learn hand building skills and enjoy the process of clay creation in these fun, creative classes. Create a variety of clay masterpieces each term that will be glazed and kiln fired.

This 24 weeks course will start on November 20, 2018. Click below for registration

Duration and costs:

The course lasts for 24 weeks. Classes are held twice a week and the duration of each session is 1 hour.


Tuition is $59 for a week. Classes are held twice a week. Each session is 1-hour


For kids from 4 to 6 years old. All materials included.

Starting time:

New courses start November 16, 2018.

The number of students:

8 – 10 students per class. Two teachers per group.

Who this course is for:

This course is for children who love art and computers.  This course does not require any level of computer knowledge and will be interesting to newcomers as to “experiences” kids.

Date:  Contact school for an exact date
Time:  Contact school for an exact time

LOCATION: 3250 Bloor Street West,
Toronto, ON. Call for appointments

Check our calendar for classes schedule


Date:  Contact school for an exact date
Time:  Contact school for an exact time

LOCATION: 3250 Bloor Street West,
Toronto, ON. Call for appointments


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