Google Analytics Fundamentals 

Google Analytics Fundamentals

Web Design and Development Tools and Techniques. Course 2.  

Course 2.

In-class. Toronto only
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About this course:
About this course:

Google Analytics Fundamentals

Our training resources have been tailored to help anyone gain a better understanding of customer behavior online through Google Analytics.  This course covers the following areas of demystifying your site traffic with respect to Google Analytics:

Lesson 1a – Course Overview & Initial Skills Assessment

– Explanation of Course

– Open Skills Assessment

– Pre-Course Survey

– Importance of Analytics

— Understanding Digital Analytics

— Discovering Your Customers Journey (Traditional Conversion Funnel vs Customer Focused Decision Path)

— Building Your Analytics Infrastructure

— Capturing Data:  Qual & Quant

— Pairing Site Actions to Business Objectives

— Continuous Improvement Cycle (M.R.A.T.)

– Essential Analysis Techniques

— Segmentation & Context

– Conversion Types and Attributes

— Macro vs Micro

— Marketing Attribution

— Last-click Attribution

– Google Analytics Sandbox




Lesson 2 – Developing Your Plan for Measuring Site Success

– Building a Solid Team or DIY

– Defining Your Measurement Plan

– Documenting Technical Considerations

– Create an Implementation Plan

– Implementing Your Tracking Code

– Maintaining & Refining Data Collection & Reports

– Exploring Models for Designing a Robust Measurement Plan

— Document Business Objectives

— ID supporting Strategy & Tactics

— Selecting the metrics for your KPI’s

— Deciding how to segment your data

— Selecting Targets for your KPI’s


Lesson 3 – Four basic components of Google Analytics

– Collection

– Processing

– Configuration

– Reporting


Lesson 4 – Key Metrics and Dashboard Jargon

– Data Types:  Dimensions vs. Metrics

– Visitors

– Visits

– Pageviews

– Events

– TIme-Based Metrics

– Bounce Rate

– Event Tracking


Intermediate (Hands On)


Lesson 5 – Tagging Your Site with Google Analytics Code

– Setting up your Google Analytics Profile

– Verifying Setup

– Tagging Options


Lesson 6 – Best Practices for Building Your Account Structure

– Accounts > Properties > Views

– Managing Access

– Roll-up Reporting

– Importance of Unfiltered, Master & Test Views




Lesson 7 – Filtering data for your business

– Using filters to include data, exclude data and customizing reports

– Understanding how filters work

– Excluding internal employee traffic

– Setting up filter conditions

– Predefined vs custom filters

— exclude filters

— lowercase filters

— include filters

— uppercase filters

— advanced filtering to replace, remove and/or combine fields for complex reporting

– Building Your Library

– Best Practices for filtering data


Lesson 8 – Goals and Ecommerce

– Conversions:  Macro vs Micro

– Enabling Goals to measure conversions

– 4 Goal Types (within 2 measures)

— Measuring User Actions

— Destination Goals

— Event Goals

— Measuring User Engagement

— Pages per Visit Goal

— Duration Goal

– Set Up Your Goals

– Verifying Your Goals

– Placing Values on Your Goals

– Defining Your Goal Funnels

– Multi-Channel Funnel Reports

– Ecommerce Reporting

– Ecommerce Tracking Set Up

– Tracking Comparison:  Goal vs Ecommerce in Google Analytics




Lesson 9 – Marketing Campaign Tracking

– Tie conversions & revenue to marketing investment

– Campaign Dimensions / User Attributes

— Source

— Medium (Defaults)

— ‘Organic’ Traffic

— ‘Referral’ Traffic

— ‘None’

– Customizing Campaign Tracking with 5 Link Tags (3 Essential, 2 Optional)

— Essential

— Source

— Medium

— Campaign

— Optional

— Term (Keywords)

— Content (Versions)

– Google Analytics URL Builder

– Auto-Tagging with Google AdWords

– Predefined Channels

— Direct

— Email

— Social

— Organic

— Display

– Finding Meaningful Campaign Information in Reports

– Using Dimensions in Custom Reports & Custom Dashboards


Lesson 10 – Traffic Reports

– Reporting Overview

— Dates:  Ranges, Comparison, Graphs & Annotations

— Dimensions:  Primary & Secondary

— Metrics:  Site Usage, Goal Set & Ecommerce Tabs

— Table Filters

— Data Visualization:  Data, Percentage, Performance, Comparison & Pivot Views

— Plotting Rows, Expanding Row Counts & Using Shortcuts

– Audience Reports

– Acquisition Reports

– AdWords Reports

– Behavior Reports

– Custom Reports & Dashboards




Lesson 11 – ROI Reports

– Goal Flow Reports:  Setup & Navigation

– Ecommerce Reports:  Setup & Navigation

— Product Performance Report

— Sales Performance Report

— Transactions Report

– Multi-Channel Funnel Report

— Conversion Paths & Lookback

— Defining Channels

— First, Assist & Last Interactions

— Assisted Conversions Report

— Top Conversion Paths Report

— Time Lag Report

— Path Length Report


Well – if you are still reading you are either a robot or you are really interested.  Feel free to ask me any questions about the course and go ahead and sign up now to get started!

For those who study the eight core courses, New Image College offer Combined computer Certificate in Web design and Web development.

 In- Class Price $595.00 CAD/ Online Price $390 CAD per one Month

10 – 12 Students  in a class
Certificate of Completion
4 Weeks / 16 Course Hrs
Four type of training

Special discount price for workshop participants in Mexico in February 2019
Ask college for details


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