New Image College’s online Digital Marketing Strategy Diploma Program has a strong focus on industry demands and marketing in a digital context. The student will develop the ability to identify and analyze Digital marketing management problems and gain the skills and knowledge needed to generate innovative Digital marketing strategies.

This online Digital Marketing Strategy Diploma Program provides flexibility to study while working in a full-time or part-time capacity at a pace that suits students busy life schedule. Students will interact with other students from all over the world, so they can grow their own network and gain a deeper perspective.

This online Digital Marketing Strategy Diploma Program used a Project-Based Learning approach. This diploma program will help students to understand the main principles of digital marketing and social media management. Students will work on real projects for real businesses.

Becoming a Certifed Digital Marketing Strategy Professional will ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills needed to create a cohesive, effective digital marketing strategy for your own or any business.

By earning this Certificate of Course completion, you will be able to:

• Increase your website’s visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Drive qualified traffic to your website through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
• Execute digital display campaigns
• Capture, segment and manage subscribers to plan and execute a successful email
marketing campaign
• Use suitable social media channels to grow and engage an audience
• Measure and optimize social media campaigns
• Leverage mobile marketing for its micro-targeting advantages
• Analyze and optimize your overall digital marketing activity
• Create a formal digital marketing plan for your business


Each of the ten courses of this Diploma program consists of 4 projects and one final test.

After studying each course and successfully completing four projects, it is necessary to pass a theoretical multyple choise test.

 According to the results of the multiple-choice test and practical projects (minimum 70%), student will be transferred to the next level and gain online access to the next course.

 New Image College offers a by-weekly live online lesson with a teacher as well as the opportunity to ask a question in the chat and get an answer within a few minutes.

 The final course exam is an open-book, multiple-choice test and a Digital Marketing Project for real customer.

 Students  have to take all 10 courses to get a Diploma Certificate

 You need to achieve a minimum of 65% on the final exam to pass the course.

 a Diploma Certificate of course completion will be mailed 4-6 weeks later.

 Two tuition fee options. Students pay for each course on a per-quarter (4 Month) basis (with $200 saving) or on a monthly basis as the courses are taken.

 Students pay for courses before the start of each quarter. If your fees are not paid two weeks prior to the course start, you will have a hold placed on your account and therefore will not be able to continue the course.

 Online Department  Students who want to speed up their studies and get a Diploma certificate earlier than 24 months can take part in special one-week seminars in the nearest cities in Canada and USA. Contact college for details.

There are ten modules in this program that provide in-depth coverage of all of the key disciplines required for best practice digital marketing, which includes:

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
2. Content Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
5. Paid Search (PPC) Using Google Ads
6. Display and Video Advertising
7. Email Marketing
8. Website Optimization
9. Analytics Using Google Analytics
10. Digital Marketing Strategy

Introduction to Digital Marketing

This module introduces the core principles and purposes of digital marketing. It will enable you to develop clear and actionable business objectives for a digital marketing plan, gain audience and industry insight by conducting digital research, and to prepare the foundations for a fully integrated 360 campaign by connecting effectively with your customers and targets.

Through this module, you will be able to differentiate between inbound and outbound marketing strategies and distinguish between examples of digital media. It will also explore the difference between traditional and digital marketing helping you realize the benefits of using them in combination.

At the end of the module, you will know how to develop clear and actionable objectives for a digital marketing plan using SMART objectives and use digital research and social listening to gain insights into your competitors, audience, and industry.

  • Your Digital Marketing Strategy Template
    The Customer Value Journey is the strategic foundation of everything we do here at DigitalMarketer. It’s the master template upon which every other digital marketing discipline and tactic is built. Learn all 8 stages and how you’ll use them to create a winning strategy for your business.


Content Marketing

This module introduces you to the key principles of content marketing to enable you to align content effectively with the buyer journey. You will explore the knowledge and skills required to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-oriented, data-driven way.
It also covers content creation and curation, along with how to extend its value using scheduling tools and promotion methods.
The Content Marketing module concludes by examining the key metrics and tools for measuring the performance of a content marketing strategy.

  • Developing a Content Marketing Strategy
    Done right, your content marketing will not only attract your target customers/clients but also move them through a marketing funnel to drive more sales and grow your business. Learn how to plan your content marketing strategy and how to create “perfect” content.

Topics covered include:

Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy
• Benefits of Content Marketing
• Qualities of Effective Content
• Types of Content
• Content Alignment with the Buyer’s Journey
• Community Management
• Content Marketing Strategy

Using Content Research to Find Opportunities
• Website Hosting Options
• Social Listening
• Competitor Content Analysis
• Content Audit

Developing a Content Marketing Plan
• Content Marketing Goals
• Content/Business Goal Alignment
• Customer Personas
• Content Topics
• Content Calendar
• Content Management Systems

Creating and Curating Content
• Content Stakeholders
• Content Types and Formats
• Content Tools
• Content Creation and Curation
• Content Creation Best Practice
• Brand Components
• Content Personalization

Publishing and Distributing Content
• Content Platforms
• Benefits and Challenges of Content Seeding
• Content Scheduling Techniques and Tools
• Content Promotion Strategies

Metrics and Performance
• Content Marketing ROI
• Content Marketing Metrics
• Metrics and Content Marketing Strategy

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 This 2 years Diploma program not considered graduate-level studies and do not constitute comprehensive IT training leading to proficiency, which takes several years of full-time study to accomplish. They are regarded as continuing computer education; they serve to update your current software and general IT knowledge.

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