Teaching Visual Art for kids and Teens. Online Diploma program

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The purpose of this program is to introduce students to the theory and practice of TEACHING VISUAL ART FOR KIDS AND TEENS.


Online learning is a challenging but extremely rewarding way to achieve an array of qualifications – there are online options for everything from certificates and diploma programs to PhDs.
Online education is now a respected way to achieve a recognized qualification. With courses available in almost every subject, and flexible timetables to suit almost every schedule, a thousand students are increasingly turning to online learning as a viable alternative to campus study. It could allow you to study abroad remotely, at a college or university not in your home country.

Program Rules or How Online Learning works.
Carefully read the rules of training on the Internet branch and follow all the rules

This Online diploma program consists of 12 courses and is designed for 24 Months. The number of lessons in each course may vary and depends on the complexity of the course.

It implies the study of lessons and the assignment of each course for 8 weeks. Provided that the student will be able to devote about 3 to 4 hours a week to study.

Each course is divided into a certain number of lessons.

Each lesson is devoted to the development of specific technical skills and the study of certain topics.

The number of topics in a lesson depends on the complexity of the lesson.

Each topic includes a set of video lessons, exercises, exercises, and tests.

Subject to the complete completion of the tasks of each lesson in full and at least 65%, as well as passing the final test of the course at least 65%, the student is transferred to the next course.

But especially this program will be perfect business ideas for moms who dream of becoming a woman in business and work with kids.

Teaching Visual Art for kids and Teens.
Online Diploma program Lessons

What are an online assignments?

Online assessments measure the abilities of students to follow the tutorials and prepare Lesson`s projects according to Lesson requirements. Typically, an assessment process combines several topics for independent study, topics exercise and an online quiz that are completed online during the topic study. They are designed to help a student to understand course topics and get practical skills.

Click on Assessment and follow the instruction

To go to the next course, the student must complete all the training exercises of the course. Assignments should be performed sequentially as each lesson is studied.


Teaching Visual Art for kids and Teens. Online Diploma program Lessons

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