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Turn Your Passion Into a Business.
Start now and became a successful CODING & PROGRAMMING FOR KIDS AND TEENS educator after one – two year!
(To qualify to this Online Diploma Program, you simply need a bachelor’s degree in any field of study).

Program Highlights

Start with the first six required core courses, and then select one or two specialized courses.
Choose courses for specialization depending on the area of fine art that is most interesting to you for in-depth study and in which you plan to work as an Artist or en Art Educator.



The purpose of this program is to introduce students to the theory and practice of Visual Arts education for children and adolescents. Through this 1-2 year* Diploma Program “Teaching the Visual Arts” students will introduce to fundamental art skills and sensitivities, developmental aspects of visual art education, and pedagogic relating to art education

Who can enroll in this program?

This program for people who love art and love working with kids and teens, who dream to become an art and craft educator and want to study fine arts, design, art history, pedagogy, and all related areas.
To qualify to this Online Diploma Program, you simply need a bachelor’s degree in any field of study.

This 1 years ONLINE Certificate program – involves one years of part-time online study.

 This Online Certificate Program is fully online, you require Internet access and an email account.

New Image College awards TEACHING VISUAL ART FOR KIDS AND TEENS DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE to each eligible individual who completes this unique series of 8 courses.

*The speed of completion of the program depends on the time the student completed projects and tests. The minimum training period is one year. Tuition is accepted quarterly or monthly

In the process of studying this diploma program, students will prepare their own portfolio and gain the necessary experience and technical skills for independent work as an artist. Along with theoretical and technical knowledge in the field of drawing, painting, and composition, students will receive solid knowledge in the field of teaching the fine arts of children and adolescents.

This will allow some of them, if they wish, to choose the path of the teacher in fine art and became a Visual Art educator. They will have all the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to teach the visual arts and craft of their own children, for example,  or any other school-age children. Those students who have an interest in the educational business will be able to make a successful career by opening their own art school or studio and be a Visual Art educator.

 This Certificate Program is made up of 10 courses.

  A combination of lectures, student-led discussions, and hands-on activities will allow students to expand their understanding of teaching visual arts. 

 Duration of each course is 16 hours or 4 weeks.

 Students will have 4 weeks to finish course assessment or course project.

Upon completion of all 10 courses requirements, your Graphic Design Certificate will be issued

Our small class sizes provide the opportunity for the type of one-on-one interaction you need to excel.

 Two options for payment. Students pay on a per-quarter (4 Month) basis (with $200) saving or an on a monthly basis. First and last month payment is required. 

Tuition fee is $369 CAD per one Month of study.

The tuition fee for one quarter is $1,276 CAD. ( With $200 saving for per-quarter payment option).

 The student can choose the payment option when filling out the registration form

Each of the ten courses of this Certificate program consists of 3 projects and one final test.

 All students are expected to work at a high level of independence, be self-motivated, respect peers and instructors, and participate in the opportunities that the Visual Art Education department of New Image College offer.

  After studying each course and successfully completing four projects, it is necessary to pass a theoretical multiple-choice test.

New Image college has unique capabilities to provide students with practical skills in teaching children the visual arts.
Under the guidance of professional teachers with many years of experience, college students have the opportunity to practice and conduct their own Art classes in the real atmosphere of an Art Studio during training seminars and workshop, which are regularly held in various cities of Canada and America

 According to the results of the multiple-choice test and practical projects (minimum 70%), student will be transferred to the next level and gain online access to the next course.

 New Image College offers a bi-weekly live online lesson with a teacher as well as the opportunity to ask a question in the chat and get an answer within a few minutes.

 The final course exam is an open-book, multiple-choice test and a Graphic Design project for real customer.

 Students  have to take all 10 courses to get a Graphic Design and Advertising Certificate.

 You need to achieve a minimum of 65% on the final exam to pass the course.

 a Diploma Certificate of course completion will be mailed 4-6 weeks later.

 Two tuition fee options. Students pay for each course on a per-quarter (4 Month) basis (with $200 saving) or an on a monthly basis as the courses are taken.

 Students pay for courses before the start of each quarter. If your fees are not paid two weeks prior to the course start, you will have a hold placed on your account and therefore will not be able to continue the course.

 Online Department  Students who want to speed up their studies and get a Certificate earlier than 12 months can take part in special one-week seminars in the nearest cities in Canada and USA. Contact college for details.


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Among the topics studied:
1. Pedagogical approaches and techniques in the teaching of Visual art in after-school involvement.
2. Safety in the classroom during the Visual Art and Craft classes.
3. The most effective way of using modern technology in the Art educational process
4. Methods and best practice example of students projects evaluating 
5. Development of new curricula and new projects for children of different ages
6. Effective planning of class activity during the Visual Art course for different age students.


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 This 1 years Diploma program not considered graduate-level studies and do not constitute comprehensive pedagogical training leading to proficiency, which takes several years of full-time study to accomplish. They are regarded as continuing education; they serve to update your current pedagogical and art teaching knowledge and successfully use this knowledge for your personal use or for your business.

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