Art program for kids

mixed media art

An individualized, year-round program just for kids provides step-by-step guidance, working toward each student’s interests, so that each class is lively and engaging. Kind, caring teachers work one-on-one, hands-on with each student; building one skill upon another, from simple to complex. A variety of media are taught, from crayons through colored pencils, pastels, watercolor, acrylics and more, until that student becomes a highly-skilled oil painter, and can use these skills as a foundation to go in any artistic direction he or she chooses.

Young children spend the first few years of their life exploring this world. They observe, learn, accumulate information. In a few years before school, they accumulate and process hundreds of times more information than in any other time of their life. They prepare their brains for more in-depth study and we know how to help them do their best.

We have a unique method of drawing with preschoolers, which allows them to maximize and accelerate their development and prepare them for a successful school years.

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